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Perform fund transfers domestically or abroad via demand draft, banker’s cheque or telegraphic transfer.


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Fast and safe way to transfer funds electronically from CIMB Bank to any participating  local bank.


With CIMB Bank, you may conveniently transfer funds via CIMB Clicks, ATM and at the Branches.


Banker's Cheque:

It is conveniently used by customers with no Current Account  but wish to make payments by cheque and issued in MYR only.


One of the low-cost payment method for non-urgent payments as well as removes the risk of carrying large amounts of cash for transactions.

Telegraphic Transfer:

With CIMB Telegraphic Transfer, you can count on more than just quick, efficient and reliable way for business owners to remit payment. As a business owner you will also stand to gain from competitive foreign exchange rates that we offer.


You can make international payments in 25 major currencies via BizChannel or CIMB Branch delivered through our extensive correspondent banking network.


Demand Draft:

CIMB Bank or our overseas agent will pay your beneficiary when the demand draft is deposited and cleared by the beneficiary's bank.


The speed of remitting funds via a demand draft will be slower compared to a telegraphic transfer, but the associated charges are lower.



• Local funds transfer
• Sales or purchase of goods, services, gifts, etc


Banker's Cheque:

• Trade settlement
• Payment for the purchase of goods, property, etc



• Trade settlement
• Education
• Foreign workers remittance
• Investment abroad
• Sales or purchase of overseas goods, property, etc

Cut-off time for Demand Draft (Bank Draft), Cashier’s Order and Telegraphic Transfer is 3.00pm on BizChannel@CIMB.

*Terms and conditions apply.