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Empower your employees with a variety of financing, investment and daily banking products and services with CIMB@Work. With exclusive benefits and a rewarding bonus points programme, we got both you and your employees covered in one comprehensive package.


  • Lower Payroll Fees

    Lower cost to perform

    payroll transactions.

  • Online Access

    Manage your accounts online from a single platform.

  • Employee Benefits

    Reward your employees with value-added banking solutions at no additional cost.



    Company must have a Business Current Account with CIMB Bank.


    Company must sign up for BizChannel@CIMB or Autopay Service for salary crediting.


    Employees of the company must receive salary with a CIMB payroll account.


Earn extra bonus points1 and redeem great gifts from our Members Rewards Catalogue.

    Upon product sign-up2:

  • 1 product - 1,000 bonus points1

  • 2 products - 3,000 bonus points1

  • 3 or more products - 5,000 bonus points1

    Upon usage:

  • CIMB Islamic Debit Mastercard.
    - 500 welcome bonus points1 upon first swipe of RM50 and above.

    - 100 bonus points1 for monthly cumulative spend of RM300 and above.

  • CIMB Clicks.
    - 100 bonus points1 for each scheduled bill payment set-up.


  • For Employer

    • CIMB@Work Letter of Offer.

    • For new CIMB Business Current

    Account and/or BizChannel@CIMB or

    Autopay Service sign up, supporting

    documents as per product guidelines.

  • For Employees (during opening of payroll account)

    • NRIC (for Malaysians) or Passport +

    Work Permit (for Non-Malaysians).

    • Letter of Employment.


BizChannel@CIMB fees & charges and payroll transaction fees are applicable.

1Bonus points are only receivable with a POS-enabled CIMB Islamic Debit MasterCard.
2For selected product categories only.

*Terms and conditions apply.